OH, Why Not?

This post, like so many others coming, is not carefully edited. It is not rehearsed. It is a “fly by the seat of my pants,” no BS, “what you see is what you get,” “let’salljustbehonestandrealbecauseforGod’ssakelifeistooshortandcan’twealljustgetalongandloveeachotherandstopbeingcrazyjudgmentalassholesandbuildeachotherupsothatweallfeellikewehaveafriendthatlovesusforwhowearebecausewearefriggin’awesomeandwhatthehellamIdoingbecauseIdon’thaveaplanandisn’tthatcrazyandthisrunonsentence/wordismakingmymindhurtbecauseI’mstillateacherdespitebeingaspaz” first post.

See that last sentence thing? According to every English teacher I’ve ever had, that is supposed to be my topic statement. That rambling incoherent mess of thoughts and love. You know what? No editing needed. That’s life and there’s no filter for that.

My intention is to build people up.

My intention is to be real.

My intention is to make you see that despite the fact that my children have consumed blueberry muffins for lunch every day this week, I am reaching for the stars and you should too.

What is your passion? Mine is awakening other people’s passions. Validating other people’s passions. Building up other people’s passions.

The way I figure it, we have an average of 78.74 years on this Earth and we damn well better leave it a better place. You don’t have to be the president (of the United States… or the PTA either, really) to make a difference. You can make people feel like they matter. Every day. You can listen, you can care, you can do small things to leave this Earth better than you found it. You can MESS UP.

Because after all, LIFE is what makes our planet spectacular. And you get one of them. As my husband always says, (which apparently I have The Shawshank Redemption to thank for) is “Get busy living or get busy dying.”

So, as I do with nearly everything in my life, I’m going to start this blog… with a wing and a prayer. If you are thinking about going for some big, crazy dream, start with a step. Like this.

Walk with me.

If you’re ready to test the waters with both feet, jump with me.

If you have no clue what you’re doing, but you have faith every day that you can do it with love, and kindness, and acceptance, and a healthy dose of fear…

Then, my friend, you can soar with me.

We may crash into a cliff.

But we may be what someone else needs to fly.

That’s MY goal in life… I am either going to soar being the feather someone needs in their wings, or I’m going to crash and burn.

So, let’s all just do me a favor and keep me away from vertical rock faces.

Thanks, y’all.

Here we go!